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URON Challenge Contest Rules

URON Challenge is an amazing app & web based product that caters to users interested in challenging or impacting their communities on a mobile, local, and web based platform.

How does URON Challenge Work?

URON posts content (challenge/contest/charity) on our various platforms that allows our users the ability to compete and win! Either earning a grand prize or just claim their bragging rights on our platform "Winners Circle".

What type of Challenges?

URON Challenge, challenges are posted three different ways: user submission, sponsor submission, URON Challenge admin submission.

Challenge types relate to fields of: trending social media challenges, athletics, culinary, business promotion, arts (singing, dancing, drawing etc.), and more! URON has a culture of "You name it we'll challenge it!" within our legal guidelines.

What is the Winners Circle?

The winners circle is URON Challenge public housing of grand prize winners!

How to Compete?

URON Challenge will post a challenge competition which includes the following:

  • Challenge Countdown Clock

  • Cover Image

  • Challenge Description

  • Challenge video demo (if applicable)

  • Prize Description

  • Sponsor detail (if applicable)

After the challenge clock hits zero (00:00) users and their friends can go on the designated voting platform (URON Challenge conducts fair and public voting on the following platforms: URON Challenge social media instagram or facebook, and/or URON Challenge Official Site) to vote for 24hours after the challenge clock hits zero.

How are Winners Selected?

Winners of challenges on the URON Challenge platform are decided by public votes (anyone can vote without creating an URON Challenge Account), the most liked video/picture attempt will be the selected winner for that specific URON Challenge Title.

When will there be NO winner selected?

  • When there is no submissions for a challenge

  • When there is less than six (6) submission for a challenge, that challenge will be:

    • Recycled for more users to submit their attempt.

    • Removed for a later date.

  • When the a user(s) challenge submission does not complete the objective or relate to the challenge.

How are prizes provided?

Users that win the challenge will win the prize provided in the prize description:

  • Cash Prize: Users that win have the options of receiving their prizes through

  1. Gift Cards

  2. Checks

  3. Cash transfers (PayPal, Zelle, Cash App etc.

  • Grand Prize: Tangible prizes will be shipped out to user with a tracking number associated (15-20 business days)

  • Bragging Rights: Users will receive praise and recognition as well as social media shout-out  'Winners Circle'

Sponsored Challenge

* Apple and Google Playstore has no affiliations with URON Challenge sponsorship (contest/sweepstakes) nor are they a affiliate of URON Challenge LLC.


Challenges that are created to promote a businesses brand or products on the URON platform are referred to as Sponsored Challenges. URON Collaborates with sponsors to create a challenge package for users to compete in challenges that focus on driving attention to perspective sponsored business. These challenges also include GRAND PRIZES; these grand prizes are usually businesses products or services. Challenges can also include promotional discounts through the challenge cycle where that business will offer their products at a promotional rate with a special URON Challenge promo code. Delivery of products promised from sponsored business will be based on their discretion, if product was not delivered to user within 12 day span URON Challenge mediators will contact sponsored business to rectify issue. URON Challenge is not responsible for delivery of prize from Sponsored Businesses we will only replace products that were offered as prizes in-house (URON in-house challenges) and not those products of our sponsors.


Contest Rules

 Contests should always be competed with good sportsmanship, we ask users to know their limits and not compete in any challenges that may put them in any danger or hard. URON Challenge is not held responsible for video or picture content any content that is viewed as a violation of our terms and agreement or is reported by users will be deleted and a review of perspective user account will be open to decide if account should be deleted. Challenge responsible both local and online content pushed out on our platform will be viewed by public eyes we are not held liable if content is taken from site and posted.


Get Ready For A Challenge URON!

Terms & Agreement

URON Challenge Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

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